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Empowering Visionary Security and Smart Surveillance Solutions

EYES is brought to you by Egopie, with a vision to revolutionize the surveillance industry with cutting-edge A.I cameras complemented by advanced control rooms. EYES seeks to rebuild the people’s trust in their government to protect their lives and property. We aid in investigations and foster compliance of security agencies to discourage all forms of anarchy by letting everyone know that “we see them and their location”.

At EGOPIE Eyes, we bring our focus to creating safer environments by offering top-of-the-line security and surveillance systems to secure citizens and government infrastructures such as roads, facilities, among others.

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    EYES Smart Cameras

    EYES offer a network of advanced computing cameras that use Artificial Intelligence and Edge computing to provide real-time surveillance and reporting. Our cameras being always alert to know and to report, enhance security measures and deter potential threats making the enviroment much safer.
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    EGOPIE Eyes believes that when looking at what can be defined as the optimal surveillance system, one must not only look at the functional components of the system but also the workmanship that completes the system - the quality of cable pulls and the finishing of the trucking. Upon this conviction, EYE establishes the foundation to deliver state-of-the-art, scalable traffic and infrastructure smart surveillance systems.
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    web development

    EGOPIE Control Room

    EGOPIE Eyes offers state-of-the-art control room setups equipped with advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Our control rooms enable data curation, efficient and centralized surveillance management, ensuring a quick response to incidents and emergencies.
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    UI/UX Design

    Training and Support

    Training and Support are essential elements in various aspects of businesses and organizations, including technology-driven ventures like EGOPIE Eyes. Trainings are conducted by our own specialists using particularly structure programs, that are aimed at getting each staff fully conversant with all operations in the control room. EYES continues to offer support and maintenance through out the life time of the surveillance system.
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    UI/UX Design