It means intelligent Road Security Surveillance. It is a single term used to describe a complete system of control rooms, infrastructure and smart cameras deployed for road security surveillance.

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a camera system that is either air-gapped or viewable through an interface provided by an IP connection. Irrespective of the view method, the distinticive feautre of the CCTV is that it is a dumb camera and needs humans steady visial inspection. The EYES IRSS camera on the other hand is an Atificially Intelligent camera capable of undertanding and reporting what it is seeing. This feature allows it to actively carry out searches, identify objects in motion, recogonize people and return notifications about its findings. While the installation of a CCTV does not require expert knowledge, the deployment of the EYES IRSS requires expertise.

While the EYES IRSS is the building block for intelligent road security surveillance, the EYES ITSS is the building block for intelligent traffic management. The EYES ITSS has feautres such as determining the weight of a vehicle in motion, spotting the speed of a moving vehicle, automatic billing of traffic defaulters. All EYES IRSS are upgradedable to ITSS.

The EYES cameras come equipped an artificial intelligence software. This software enables it to perform recognitions, identifications and notifications to control centers. Using Edge Computing, the cameras are able to carry out processing on-site to ascertain a situation according to previously inputted instructions and send out a report.

A well-designed control room is crucial for effective surveillance. Look for ergonomic furniture and adjustable chairs to provide comfort during long monitoring sessions. Consider acoustic treatments to reduce noise and proper lighting to prevent eye strain. Adequate ventilation and climate control are also essential for a comfortable environment. Then most importantly, sound hardwares.

Our Control Rooms are desgined to fit at least 50 man-stations. However, this can be increased depending on the camera density in the area of deployment.

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